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Beef Ribs

Updated: May 6

Serves : Approximately 4-6

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Total Time: 4 Hours if on HIGH

                  8 hours if on LOW

Spices :

  • Adkins Western Stylle Barbecue Sauce

  • Red Chili Powder

Meat : 

  • Ribs (How many ever you want)

Other :

  • Canola Oil (You can use whichever oil you want)

Step 1 :

On the inside lining of the ribs, this is very important, pull the membrane off. That way the ribs aren't as chewy when they're done

Step 2 :

Rub a thin layer of Canola Oil all over the ribs, (you can use simple mustard if you don't want to use oil)

Step 3 : 

Rub Adkins Western Style Barbecue Style on both sides of the ribs

Step 4 :

Rub Red Chili Powder on both sides of the ribs

Step 5 : 

Have your smoker/oven set at 195 degrees and put in your ribs uncovered. Let them sit for two hours

Step 6 :

(Two hours later) Take your ribs out of the smoker/oven and place them into a pan and cover them with aluminum foil and place it back inside for another two hours

Step 7 : 

(Two hours later) Take your metal tray out of the smoker/oven and take the aluminum foil off. Place it back in for one more hour. Set it back in at about 170 degrees

Step 8 : 

(One hour later) Turn your smoker/oven off and let your ribs rest for thirty minutes

Enjoy Your Meal!!

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